Update #31

27 October 2019

We show you a small technical idea of ​​the Lightwave prototype (10’2019).

Our concern was to combine a project management tool, ideas marketplace, social discourse via video software, participatory budget & decision-making processes on one platform.

We were happy when the process worked. We managed to develop a tool that enables a decentralized basic democratic social design process. But the challenge is still the low user-friendliness. Above all, there is a lack of design and fluid compatibility of the various modules.

Another point is to decentralize central data storage using Holochain and make it compatible with a mobile app. Then there is the hurdle to bring it closer to people. So as you can see, there is still a long way to go. But we do enjoy the beautiful trip 🙂 Have also made progress in some of the points mentioned above.

We used the following technologies for the prototype (10/27/2019): – Firebase (https://firebase.google.com) – Angular (https://angular.io) – Jitsi Meet (https://meet.jit.si) – Aragon (https://aragon.org) – Rocket.chat (https://rocket.chat) – Meta Mask (https://metamask.io) – Ethereum (https://ethereum.org)