Update #44

11 September 2020

  1. 🧭 Have continued through the Business Value Concept with an emphasis on Business Model & Plan.
  2. 🌈 With Co-Lovevolution as the first partner, we can gain initial experience of how we can expand the MVP according to your needs, upload the first products & how we process the payment.
  3. 🎁 Have decided to open the marketplace for services in the field of personal development, spirituality & health.
  4. 💸 The brainstorming about Crypto, DAO & Holochain continued with the question of how far we can integrate it now and how we will use it in the future to promote sustainable developments 🌊
  5. 🧩 Otherwise we have recognized the importance of the data and would like to share it transparently (open data) with the community so that no personal data rights are violated.
  6. 💰With regard to financing, we have worked out different models depending on the category & organization: 1. Build up an income stream by personalizing the marketplace presence / webshop & with co-applications with partners and supplement it with a subscription system.
  7. 🗺 Plan: As soon as the MVP & the videos are ready, we can enter into partnerships to jointly develop the marketplace according to the needs.

To do:

  1. 🏁 Make a list of organizations per category without an online shop
  2. 🌊 Co-create the proposal with Co-Lovevolution
  3. 📹 Video production: prepare a shooting list
  4. 📄 Summarize the business value concept more aesthetically & continue working on it with a focus on finance & funding, magic sauce & competitive positioning – as well as thinking about subscription systems