Update #45

14 September 2020

  1. ???? Have looked at the progress of the prototype together and discussed further steps: Adding additional functions, the visibility of a shop’s products, filtering according to sustainability features and displaying card entries in the shopping list
  2. ???? Furthermore, the design of the prototype will be adapted for a better UX / UI experience
  3. ???? Then exchanged further ideas: To harmoniously connect the producers, the product and service market, as well as to add the current status of the tree planting under the header & to make 3D images for products and to enable 3D views of the shops one day ????
  4. ???? Have looked at the design of digital point of sale together
  5. ???? Otherwise we have decided to continue with the Design & Structure blog & complete it this week
  6. ???? Raphi shared an update of Holochain RSM (Refactored State Model) with lots of new features as a way for us to get started
  7. ???? We have discussed further categories and sub-categories for products (e.g. cobblers and tailors combined for repair & upcycling)