Update #48

28 September 2020

???? 1. Brief summary of the conversation with SDSN Switzerland, SDGx & Finn Woelm (Data Scientist): Would like to build a global database of sustainable organizations together & asked us to work together

???? 2. Have then recognized how important data are for our project so that access to our platform is easier for other cities or umbrella organizations and there is an active network. We see ourselves building up another pillar of Lightwave as a regenerative big data organization in order to find and present the visibility of all relevant actors in a user-friendly manner.

???? 3. We have recognized that big data research is best done with a web scraper (searching through the Internet for key words)

???? 4. The following structure of a keyword analysis can look like: Stadt / City / Ciudad (Zurich / London / Madrid) + Markt / Market / Mercado (groceries / Food / Comida) + sustainability attribute (organic)

???? 5. Our Big Data research is divided into two parts: Firstly for the actors in the marketplace as the basis for the creation of financial resources & the second analysis are all civil society actors who want to help shape the democratic process.

???? 6th meeting this Friday with Holochain Community

???? To-Do: Do ​​a keyword analysis for Zurich (Clara has started – thank you!) And then create something universal and transfer it to other cities / countries (adjust language) & (2) find out which search engines are used most in the respective regions