Update #50

01 October 2020

???? 1. We went through the Web Scraper (test runs with different keywords) updated by Tibor together and are really excited that it works

???? 2. The possibility of building a global database is more tangible -> So the suggestion came that we connect database entries directly to our map

???? 3. Or give access to this data to umbrella organizations or sustainable city administrations together in a package with the software (marketplace) through payment

???? 4. So we have recognized that it is now important to respond to the needs of how we set up the online shop and marketplace for the organizations

???? 5. We conclude cooperations with a presentation and through events

???? 6. In order to then integrate the marketplace adapted to needs into other cities

???? 7. Wang may help us with the front-end part for the marketplace & online shop

???? To-Do: (1) Send Wang MVP & give access to BitBucket (2) Create main & sub-categories + keywords table (3) Online shop design (4) Antonella keywords translation