Update #55

16 October 2020

???? 1. Together we went through Isabel’s document, what a digital marketplace actually means and what possibilities there are to set up one

???? 2. Realized for us that we can have a better focus & still keep the long-term vision in mind when we define phases. This also helps us for clear communication and presentation in organizations

???? 3. We are now in the phase of visibility – This means that we first try to make the products and the organizations digitally visible by creating web shops, scraping web shops and small marketplaces

???? 4. Then brainstormed through further phases (for example: processing, delivery, community, depot, holochain, participation)

???? 5. There are considerations to define new times to meet spread over the week and to distribute responsibilities for projects

???? To-Dos:

???? Think about what kind of components the visibility phase can have in order to define goals & find a structure with tasks