Update #65

23 December 2020

???? 1. Fabienne and i talked with Local Scale & Open Food Network to see if we can build synergies with their concept & software – we recognized that we can learn a lot of others and reuse some of the tools ( Order Cycles, interconnected interface between online shop & marketplace) & at the same time we didnt see a software for our need of an interconnecting platform from inventory management to marketplace etc.) But with local Scale we see an oppurtunity for an API of Seeds wallet into our App & with OFN an distribution channel of our software if it is finished ????

???? 2. We started to run a software test with Andreas & Frank – we got good insights how to improve the app

???? 3. Tibor, Isa, Raphi & i reflected on the conversation with the organizations & recognized how important a interconnected marketplace is from the producer’s inventory management to delivery to the front door that covers all the needs of the different participants

❓ 4. The next step is to develop a questionnaire about what the producers, suppliers & shops need and to send them with an invitation to meet them personal – to understand better their needs & working processes

???? 5. Kevin and i are looking forward to meet with Holochain developers to introduce to Lightwave & start with conception and coding a base modul 

???? 6. Denise & i are also preparing presentations for online calls with different organizations on different languages (First german, english & italian)

???? 7. Are preparing the next test runs of the app – just enter your dates if you want to give a feedback ????