Update #68

11 January 2021

???? 1. We had an awesome test run with the community and a bunch of great feedback for features to integrate into the App 

???? 2. We have entered a new field: We received interesting answers from Christof from Zollfrei to our prepared questionnaire & got a better understanding for their needs & their company processes 

????3. Tibor introduced us to Dolibarr a open-source inventory/product management software 

???? Next steps:

????4. Based on the needs of Zollfrei, i make user stories & Tibor the integration of features into the app up to the physical test run ????

⚙️ 5. Isa is introducing us to Jira Software to check out if it is a usable tool to work better on the code

???? 6. We have tomorrow a call with Kevin & at Wednesday with David Atkinson (Holo) to make the next steps into Holochain development

???? 7. We will send Christof an Invitation with more information to the physical test run to find a date within the the next 14 days