Update #70

30 January 2021

😍 1. We took a look back over the past week full of beautiful moments

🔬2. During the pitch at the city of Zurich and the physical test run with Zero Waste Store Zollfrei, we collected a lot of information. Now it’s our turn to prioritize them.

📱3. Isa is integrating an english version of our current app to make it for more people accesibile. 

🔨 4. Tibor & us are thinking about how to build a technical solution to make the marketplace interconnected between delivery & inventory management.

🤝 5. Johannes is connecting with Yvonne from City Zurich to see how to work independently from fundings together, as well with Christof from Zollfrei to exchange about last test run & payment modules, and looking forward to contact other grocery stores

🌐 6. Raphi & Johannes is looking forward for the meeting with Shiro as initiator to think about the holochain architecture of Lightwave marketplace