Update #73

09 February 2021

???? 1. We discussed two new fields where our marketplace software can be integrated:

???? 2. The catering of the city of Zurich (giving 8.7 million menus every year for staff in clinics etc.). Therefore we developed further our questionnaire and prototype

???? 3. As well as FoodCoops in neighborhoods of Zurich. We are in conversation with Florian Jakobiner, to understand better the needs & develop the first design

???? 4. We had a tech call & realized that we use the momentum to continue the marketplace with Angular/Firebase & create a framework to promote the Holochain development

???????? 5. Together with Denise we have registered for the Milano Digital Week 17-21.03.21 giving a talk about urban food systems

???? 6. With Andreas, we created a questionnaire for the meeting w/ City Cargo to see if a collaboration around urban logistics can arise

???? 7. Fabienne had a good conversation with Rieki (initiator of Seeds) to see how Hypha & Lightwave can work together (API Seeds Wallet etc.)