Update #74

19 February 2021

???? 1. We exchanged ideas with Patrick von Bachsermärt (Sustainable food network) building a digital infrastructure together

???? 2. We designed the DAO with money and distribution flows

???? 3. Together with Fabi, we shared our request with Rieki to connect a DAO marketplace with Seeds in one app

???? 4. Denise connected us with Sustainability Week International to make the websites in different cities around the globe & longterm to make a partnership to grassroot Lightwave

????  5. Andreas and I had a good conversation with City Cargo & are looking forward how we can collaborate on sustainable logistics

???? 6. Fabi and I exchanged with the team of BinzCoin (Quartier Currency) & would like to stay in touch to see if we can work together to implement a local currency in Zurich

???? 7. Have received the request from Kraftmarkt to digitize their products (take photos & put them on an online shop)

???? 8. The city of Zurich are interested to exchange information and to see how we can collaborate