Update #78

23 March 2021

???? 1. I met Christof from Zollfrei last Tuesday – he loves the Mock-Up & the whole vision behind Lightwave & wants to work together

???? 2. So we programmed a MVP website and webshop of Zollfrei: https://zollfrei.lightwave.ch 

????3. Christof and i felt the responsibility to give a value to the product/service/vision of Lightwave & came to the conclusion after a little research of a price range of 100-300 CHF/ monthly + a Sales fee from 1 to 5 %. We are still in the process as team and network to figure it out exactly

???? 4. Denise, Ilaria, Mohamad and i had an awesome first big online event of Lightwave during the Digital Milano Week with 40 participants – Around 8 are interested to work as Network builder for their cities in Italy & Spain to implement a sustainable marketplace & DAO 

???? 5. Andreas and i had a good Call with City Cargo – our next call is about brainstorming and sketching the value flows of the marketplace