Update #81

30 March 2021

???? 1. With the Feedback of Christof from Zollfrei we designed a Mock-Up for the product page  

???? 2. To prepare for the programming we are setting up user Stories and Trello with a ticket system 

???? 3. Fabienne organized a networking event for the food players in Zurich on behalf of the Ernährungsforum Zürich – we had the opportunity to share the idea of the city, organizations and customer’s owned marketplace and to get in touch with others

???? 4. The city of Zurich does not support our application for the moment because we have not yet submitted a convincing business plan and could not ensure the sustainability of the project – Therefore, they offer coaching sessions to develop a sustainable business model together and to try again with the application in 3 months. And until then they get in touch with other departments of the city of Zurich (Smart City, economic development), as our project covers a lot.

???? 5. David vom Gut Rheinau, a food producer and member of the Koopernikus cooperative invites us to become part of the cooperative as an IT service provider and expert