Update #82

07 April 2021

???? 1. Greetings from the core Tech team: Raphi, Isabel, Tibor and Johannes (from top left to bottom right)

???? 2. Tomorrow Johannes and Christof from Zollfrei will meet to evaluate their data stocks and options for transfer to our back-end

????3. We received an invitation from David from Gut Rheinau to his farm to improve our relationships and find out how their farm works and what needs they have for their digital infrastructure

???? 4. Raphi and Johannes will also meet Fred von Chornlade in order to better understand their needs as a grocery store in the middle of Zürich in Zollhaus

???? 5. We are currently in the process of updating our landing page

???? 6. We have stored tickets for the technical implementation on Trello so that Tibor and Isa can start programming the product page