Update #85

16 April 2021

???? 1. Raphi and Johannes met David yesterday at his farm Gut Rheinau. We were on the same ‚lightwave‘ from the start, invited us to his family’s home, cooked and ate food together directly from the farm. While we were discussing about Koopernicus, activism, creating meaning and cooperation through the digital world.

???? 2. We got on so well that we will work together directly. He shared his data on his products with us and gave us access to 10 other producers who sell food through Gut Rheinau. We are welcome to come again and take pictures of the products for the whole network.

????3. Raphi, Tibor, Isa and Johannes discussed David’s needs. We will then add the other elements to the mock-up design and copy the webshop MVP from Zollfrei for Gut Rheinau and simply change the logo.

???? 4. Johannes provided David’s data clearly by sorting the products by food category and producer. As well as additional data from the producers and products for Zollfrei database.