Update #86

20 April 2021

1. ???? On Sunday Raphi and Johannes met with Fred von Chornlade. We were able to get to know Fred and the new location of their climate friendly grocery store in Zollhaus better. As soon as the move is finished, Fred are interested in working together on the digital appearance of their products on their own webshop, Koopernikus and Zurich marketplace.

2. ???? Isa continued to work on the backend and the construction of the database with the elements of the seller, producer and product. As well developed a converter which allows the transfer of the Excel list with all the product/producer data to be easily fed into the database.

3. ???? Tibor integrated a list view of products into the web shop with the possibility to switch between grid view of prodcut pictures or list view. This responds better to the needs of our customers.

???? 4. Johannes is still in the process of adding all additional data for the Zollfrei products (producer, website, address). It is at product 170/900.