Update #88

30 April 2021

???? 1. Here is an overview of the members of Koopernikus

???? 2. Our goal is to materialize something from Koopernikus as soon as possible. We take over elements from the Lightwave marketplace and Zollfrei Webshop and transfer them to Koopernikus and Gut Rheinau Webshop. We have set up a ticket system on Trello.

???? 3. Johannes is adding organic certifications & a product description to the Zollfrei products

???? 4. Johannes exchanged ideas with David from Gut Rheinau about the digital infrastructure and possible business models of Koopernikus. David sends the whole product list in order to have all the data together once.

????5. In order to plan sustainably financially, we will send Koopernikus a cost & time estimate for the construction of the basic platform and with extensions of modules (Invoice, Accounting etc.)