Update #89

04 May 2021

???? 1. Raphi and Johannes visited Beat and Mara from PicoBio in Dietikon to get to know them better. Beat gave us a tour of his impressive warehouse. Afterwards we had lunch with him and his daughter Mara with a long exchange about Koopernikus, digitization, communities, certification of food & the food market in general. 

???? 2. With Beat we worked out that an interface between PicoBio’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the Koopernikus database makes sense to simplify data transfer.   

???? 3. Members of Koopernikus use different merchandise management systems/ERPs. This means that in parallel to building the basic platform, we will need time and energy to program the interfaces to their respective merchandise management systems/ERPs (If it exists) for a successful data transfer. 

???? 4. We have created a list of components that are needed to successfully launch Koopernikus to assess how much time and money we will need