Update #92

02 June 2021

???? 1. Big news! On Sunday (May 30th) we celebrated the founding of Koopernikus with a delicious buffet & interesting presentations in La Cuisine in Zurich

???? 2. The spark jumps beyond the founding group: We only invited a small group of food companies- but 5 of them registered after the event to want to become part of Koopernikus.

???? 3. We presented the IT vision of Koopernikus with the 3 steps: (1) B2B marketplace, (2) networking of logistics, merchandise management systems & online shops of companies & (3) B2C marketplace

???? 4. We have also presented the membership model in order to best finance Koopernikus. Members receive services in IT, logistics & communication. The monthly fee differs according to sales & company category