Update #99

10 July 2021

???? 1. Isa has completed the Vendor & Product Service so that Tibor can deploy it on a new database

???? 2. Johannes visited David at Gut Rheinau. To collect the founding documents of Koopernikus & to have a clarifying discussion on how Lightwave & Koopernikus can work together: Lightwave.ch provides a B2B & B2C marketplace as well as the DAO. Koopernikus provides a legal framework & tools for IT, logistics and communication as a service provider for producers and processors

???? 3. Raphi and Johannes had a good conversation with Jasmin from Transition Zurich. She supports us in communicating the marketplace in the newsletter, handing over the social media channels & integrating Links to the marketplace on the Transition Zurich map. Thanks <3 

???? 4. Johannes talked to Christof & Tara about the changes of Lightwave. We realized that it would make more sense if we had a neutral, decentralized DAO. But in order to find clarity there, we will start a working group to find out what should be relevant in the DAO