Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Hello world!

17 July 2021

Welcome to World Tree. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Update #100

14 July 2021

???? 1. Tibor is deploying the vendor & product service on the new database 

???? 2. Raphi & Johannes helped Leander & Hazelburger again to make delicious vegan hamburger. During the cooking we discussed the changes around Lightwave and how Birchhof with their logistic infrastructure could be a part of Koopernikus

???? 3. Johannes met Beat from Pico to collect the founding documents of Koopernikus

???? 4. Beat supports the changes within Koopernikus & Lightwave. With David we will discuss further steps

???? 5. We are looking forward to contact Urban Equipe & the network behind to get insights how their system could be used for the DAO

???? 6. We will present soon Lightwave to the SEEDS/Samara Community

Update #99

10 July 2021

???? 1. Isa has completed the Vendor & Product Service so that Tibor can deploy it on a new database

???? 2. Johannes visited David at Gut Rheinau. To collect the founding documents of Koopernikus & to have a clarifying discussion on how Lightwave & Koopernikus can work together: Lightwave.ch provides a B2B & B2C marketplace as well as the DAO. Koopernikus provides a legal framework & tools for IT, logistics and communication as a service provider for producers and processors

???? 3. Raphi and Johannes had a good conversation with Jasmin from Transition Zurich. She supports us in communicating the marketplace in the newsletter, handing over the social media channels & integrating Links to the marketplace on the Transition Zurich map. Thanks <3 

???? 4. Johannes talked to Christof & Tara about the changes of Lightwave. We realized that it would make more sense if we had a neutral, decentralized DAO. But in order to find clarity there, we will start a working group to find out what should be relevant in the DAO

Update #98

5 July 2021

???? 1. Welcome all! Great to see a resonance between Lightwave, Seeds/Samara & Holochain communities 

????2. Greetings from our new Lightwave office! We would like to thank Jupiterhaus for the opportunity. From here we can make a better contribution to Lightwave and with that to humanity and Pachamama

???? 3. Isa continued to work on the micro services and data infrastructure. Together we went through her prepared presentation to see how the flow of goods influences which changes in the database

Update #97

25 June 2021

 ???? 1. Raphi and Johannes were in Zollfrei and started to photograph their products. With this we reach another milestone and gain experience in order to then improve the processes

???? 2. We are setting up a working group for the B2C marketplace in cooperation with the stores from Zurich & the WWF

???? 3. Johannes is still in the process of collecting the founding documents & has the opportunity to exchange ideas with everyone

Update #96

18 June 2021

???? 1. We have visualized the flow of goods with user interfaces in order to get a better understanding of the processes

???? 2. Together with Dominik, we have further developed the corporate design of Koopernikus in the area of typography

???? 3. On Wednesday we go to Zollfrei and start taking photos of the products

???? 4. We have discussed where we can best save the product images and how they can best be assigned to the product data table

Update #95

16 June 2021

???? 1. On Monday we met with Christof von Zollfrei / Foifi to discuss the next steps

???? 2. We are preparing to take Zollfrei product pictures

???? 3. We are adjusting the Excel table of the product data with more columns that the transfer to the database works properly

???? 4. On Tuesday we had a Koopernikus meeting: Johannes collects the founding documents & signatures, the 5 working groups (IT, admin, mission statement, design, member model) can get started

???? 5. On Monday we helped Leander from Hazelburger to make vegan organic burgers. We also talked about how the Hazelburger network can become part of Koopernikus. We stay in contact

Update #94

9 June 2021

???? 1. We have set up a project plan for Koopernikus on WeChange with the main categories administration, IT & communication.

???? 2. We are checking the data structure & backend for the long term vision of Koopernikus 

 ???? 3. We are collecting different templates for the UI 

???? 4. We are planning the next meeting with Koopernikus members to complete the foundation and to decide the next steps

Update #93

4 June 2021

Here are more information from the IT & membership model of Koopernikus

Update #92

2 June 2021

???? 1. Big news! On Sunday (May 30th) we celebrated the founding of Koopernikus with a delicious buffet & interesting presentations in La Cuisine in Zurich

???? 2. The spark jumps beyond the founding group: We only invited a small group of food companies- but 5 of them registered after the event to want to become part of Koopernikus.

???? 3. We presented the IT vision of Koopernikus with the 3 steps: (1) B2B marketplace, (2) networking of logistics, merchandise management systems & online shops of companies & (3) B2C marketplace

???? 4. We have also presented the membership model in order to best finance Koopernikus. Members receive services in IT, logistics & communication. The monthly fee differs according to sales & company category